"Sweet Valley" hits shelves again in new book

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later book cover
CBS/St. Martin's Press
"Sweet Valley Confidential" book cover.
CBS/St. Martin's Press

(CBS) The highly anticipated update to Francine Pascal's classic '80s book series, "Sweet Valley High," is now on bookshelves.

"Sweet Valley Confidential" focuses on the characters 10 years after they left high school.

The two main characters - Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield - are now 27 years old and living apart. The novel follows the two as an "unforgivable" secret tears at the sisters' relationship.

Pascal, 73, told CNN the inspiration for the first "Sweet Valley" book was the '80s nighttime soap-opera "Dallas."

The author also said the "Sweet Valley" legacy lies in "the hundreds of thousands and perhaps even millions of girls who became readers because of 'Sweet Valley.' Otherwise they may have spent their lives captive of TV."

The next step for the "Sweet Valley High" franchise will be a feature film, written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody.