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Swedish Man Jailed 8 Months for Pooping on Store Floor

locator map for the town of FinspÃ??Ã??Ã??Ã?Â¥ng, Sweden
Locator map for the town of Finsp CBS/AP

Call it a trifecta, perhaps: A Swedish man was sent to prison this week for pooping on the floor of a store while also verbally assaulting the cashier, and then stealing candy on his way out.

While local newspapers did not give the name of the man, he was described as a 45-year-old who was already on parole.

The incident occurred in November, 2010, when the man asked a store employee in the town of Finspang to use the toilet, reports The Local, a Swedish news website.

When the employee refused due to health regulations, the man became enraged.

"He pulled down his pants, squatted on the floor and pooped," the 21-year-old female cashier said in court during the 45-year-old's trial.

The cashier added that the man proceeded to insult her while he relieved himself on the floor.

As if that were not enough, the man grabbed some candy on his way out, leaving behind a steaming pile of anger and his dirty underwear on the store's floor.

The Local reports that the man was charged with shoplifting, assault, molestation, as well as interference in a judicial matter for threatening the cashier on two other occasions. Ultimately, he was convicted of all charges except the shoplifting charge, and sentenced to eight months in prison. Because he was already on parole, the man will serve an additional two months, The Local reports.

Even during his trial, the man displayed suspect behavior, twice firing his defense attorneys, as well as insulting the court in front of a gallery full of schoolchildren on a field trip.

"I'm not going to participate in this damn farce," he exclaimed before storming out of the courtroom and being forced by the judge to participate.

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