Swarm of aggressive bees attack California town

CONCORD, Calif. -- A swarm of aggressive bees have been attacking a town in Northern California.

Despite the swatting and spraying, the bees are relentless.

"Got me right in the eye!" said Mike Malley, a Concord resident, as he was stung.

And on Hitchcock Road in Concord it seems everyone has felt their sting -- more than once.

Mike Malley, a Concord resident. CBS News

"Probably 6, 7, 8, 9, (times)" said Malley, as he was stung again. "Oh, now 10 times."

Police received the first calls about the aggressive bees on Friday. And from there, it has only gotten worse.

It's believed the insects are so-called killer bees that took over a hive of ordinary honeybees in an amateur beekeeper's backyard.

When the beekeeper removed the infiltrated hive, it left the bees with no where to go.

The insects are behind the deaths of two dogs and have attacked a number of people, including mail carrier Melissa Weisner.

"Climbing up my hair, all over my head, I was running and screaming," she said.

Melissa Weisner. CBS News

CBS News spoke online with professional beekeeper Norman Lott, who's helping rid the neighborhood of the bees.

He said he has never seen anything like it.

"This is a new situation that we're gonna have to deal with," he said.

Police have barred pedestrians from part of the neighborhood where most of the attacks have happened, while beekeepers work to safely remove the bees.

They're hopeful most, if not all of the bees, will be out of the neighborhood by Sunday night.