Suspected Va. serial butt slasher Johnny D. Guillen arrested in Peru, says report

Johnny D. Guillen
Fairfax County Police Department

(CBS) - The suspect in a series of butt slashings in Virginia shopping malls last year has reportedly been captured in Peru, police say.

CNN reports Johnny D. Guillen was captured Friday in Lima, said Jair Quedas, system operator for Interpol Peru.

The Washington Post reports authorities said they had no details of the arrest, but confirmed Guillen was in custody in Peru and were "just starting the process of working with federal and international authorities to return him back to Fairfax County."

Fairfax police issued a warrant in September charging Guillen with malicious wounding in one of nine attacks on women in their teens and early 20s. The attacks occurred between February and July last year at Fair Oaks Mall, Tysons Corner Center and other nearby malls, police said.

Fairfax County Police In Virginia posted on its website that the man is suspected in a retail store assault that took place last year.

The police department organized a task force to find a serial assailant for the attacks.

"In each case, the suspect distracts his victim before cutting them. The victims have all been teenaged women or in their early 20's," Fairfax County Police said in a statement last year.

In one case, in a Forever 21 store on July 25, police responded to a report of a woman who suffered a 1-inch wound to her buttocks.

"The 18-year-old victim was shopping when she noticed clothes that had fallen off of a rack behind her and saw a man bending down to pick them up," police said. "She abruptly felt a sharp pain and considered that one of the hangers had struck her. A short time later, she discovered her denim shorts had been slashed; her buttocks had been cut and were bleeding."

Law enforcement officials said in another case, a 21-year-old woman was shopping at a T.J. Maxx store when she felt a pinch on her buttocks.

Similar to other reports, "the victim turned around, saw a man picking up pieces of clothing and thought she may have been cut by one of the hangers," police said. "When the woman returned home, she discovered cuts in her clothing."

Police have not identified a motive for the unusual attacks, which involved the use of a razor blade or box cutter to slice the behinds of women. None of the victims were seriously injured.