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Suspected serial rapist may have fled to Brazil, say Dallas police

DALLAS -- A suspected serial rapist may have fled the country, reports CBS DFW.

Dallas police say Richard Perez told women he was a massage therapist or masseuse-in-training and offered to give free massages, but once at their homes, he allegedly sexually assaulted them.

Deputy Chief Gil Garza told CBS DFW that investigators have identified two alleged victims, but they believe there are more.

"He targets single women and is very, very persistent. There is a warrant out for his arrest and we want to assure the community that the Dallas Police Department has been actively looking for him," Garza said.

The search also now involves federal officials and law enforcement from Brazil, where police believe Perez had recently flown.

The 31-year-old native of Peru was previously interviewed by police, but at the time investigators did not believe they have enough evidence to arrest him, police said Tuesday.

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