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Suspected London Bombers Arrested

Police said Friday they believe they have arrested the four suspected bombers whose images were released following the failed July 21 attacks on London's transport system.

"We have four people in custody we believe are the images we released," said a police official, who asked not to be named in accordance with British practice. He was referring to closed-circuit television pictures of four suspects released after the attacks.

Police carried out raids in west London on Friday, arresting three suspects, two of whom are suspected of being the bombers. Another suspect was arrested in Birmingham on Wednesday. In Rome, Italian police arrested another suspected bomber on Friday.

Scotland Yard calls the arrests "potentially significant," but as CBS' Charlie D'Agata reports, "jackpot" may be more like it.

D'Agata reports concussion grenades were fired into a flat, then marksmen shouted for the suspected suicide bomber inside to come out undressed.

One of two men arrested in west London identified himself as Muktar Said Ibrahim, 27, who allegedly tried to blow himself up on a No. 26 bus in Hackney, east London, said Peter Clarke, head of the Metropolitan Police's anti-terrorist branch.

The second man, according to Clarke, has "said that his name is Ramzi Mohammed."

The official said Mohammed was the suspect whose image released by police showed him wearing a New York sweat shirt.

Earlier, Clarke said a third man detained in Rome — identified as Hussain Osman and — was "of interest to the investigation" and that Britain would seek his extradition.

"We have been liaising very closely with the Italian authorities in Rome," Clarke said. "The European arrest warrant has been issued and we will be seeking the return of that man to this country."

CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth reports police are cautioning that it's still not safe because the recruiters and planners behind the deadly July 7 attacks -- and the bombing attempts last week -- are still at large.

"We must not be complacent," Clarke said. "The threat remains and is very real."

CBS News Correspondent Teri Okita reports police sources have said this is the best day of the investigation since the July 21 bombings. It is the largest London police investigation in its history.

"I'm very freaked out because I was on the Aldgate train that got bombed," says witness Michael Henning. "I was within six feet of the bomb that went off on the Aldgate train and it just seems to keep following me around at the moment."

So far, about two dozen people have been arrested in connection with the attacks last week in which bombs in backpacks failed to detonate on three subway trains and a double-decker bus. Those attacks caused no injuries, unlike the July 7 bombings in London that killed 56 people, including the four suicide bombers.

"The investigation has of course moved with some speed. I must emphasize that it is still continuing," Clarke said. "There will be more very visible police activity. I cannot for obvious reasons set out where and when this will be."

Sky News broadcast video of two men in light blue body suits designed to preserve evidence leading away a man in a white bodysuit, shielding his face.

In addition, a witness told The Associated Press that a man wearing what appeared to be a bus driver's uniform was led away by police in handcuffs.

The witness, Osama Ahmed Ali, saw a Somali man whom he recognized as a bus driver.

"He was in a purple-and-yellow bus driver uniform," said Ali, 16. "I've been on a bus with him a couple of times."

Police also arrested two women at the Liverpool Street train station in central London and evacuated the area. The women were pinned to the ground in a raid.

One woman is believed to have been in a line for the Stansted Express, which goes to one of London's airports, when she was pushed to the ground by police.

The two women were arrested at 1:54 p.m., British Transport Police said. The police were searching a number of suspect packages in the station.

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