Suspect in murder of NYC coed stabbed self during arrest

Rita Morelli's Harlem apartment
Rita Morelli (inset), and her Harlem apartment
CBS New York

(CBS) NEW YORK - Police have arrested the man they believe murdered 36-year-old Hunter College student Rita Morelli last week.

Sources told CBS New York that the man, Bakary Camara, was a former boyfriend of Morelli's who police tracked down through a 911 call he allegedly made the day after the murder, saying: "By now you've found the body on East 120th. When you find my dead body, you will find a note in my pocket explaining everything."

Morelli, who moved to the U.S. from Italy five years ago and worked as a waitress while going to school, was found stabbed and strangled in her Harlem apartment on November 23.

According to CBS New York, when police went to Camara's apartment on Wednesday night, he allegedly threatened officers with a knife and then stabbed himself. He was taken to a hospital and is in critical condition.

Camara has been charged with second degree murder.