Susan Finkelstein, Woman Accused of Offering Sex for Tickets, May Go to World Series After All

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NEW YORK (CBS) Pennsylvania police may not have been impressed with Susan Finkelstein's "creative" Craigslist offer allegedly to trade sex for World Series tickets, but one New York-based ticket broker says he wants to show the wild Phillies fan that the Big Apple has a heart.

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Warren Schreiber, 53, said he called Finkelstein's lawyer, William Brennan, and offered her two tickets to tonight's game in New York. Brennan confirmed the call but said they were waiting to make sure there were no strings attached. As of 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, the offer was still up in the air.

Finkelstein made headlines Tuesday when she was arrested for allegedly using Craigslist to find someone willing to give her two World Series tickets in exchange for sex.

An undercover officer in the Philadelphia suburb of Bensalem responded to the ad and claims he met with the 43-year-old woman at a bar. The officer said Finkelstein offered to perform various sex acts including sex with him and his brother, who the cop claimed also had an extra seat.

PICTURES: Sex For Series

Finkelstein's lawyer has said police have blown the situation out of proportion.

"All she was looking to do was take her husband to a World Series game," he told the Burlington County Times. "I guess she was going to work out what the terms for the tickets were… It was a variation of 'will work for food.' It doesn't mean she was a prostitute.'"

And if things go well, the dedicated fan may yet get to take her husband to the game. She'll have to travel to New York tonight to take advantage of Schreiber's ticket offer. She may also have to brave the wet weather provided the World Series opener is not rained out.

Schreiber said Finkelstein didn't know if "she wants to deal with the rain in the game."

If true, it's an odd admission for a woman who, police say, was willing to deal with sex with two strangers.

Asked if he was worried about bringing such a rabid Phillies fan into Yankee Stadium, Schreiber said the Yankees are "gonna win tonight, so she's gonna be yelling."

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