Students return to Oregon college after deadly shooting

ROSEBURG, Oregon -- Students and staff returned to the community college in Oregon on Monday not for classes, but for counseling. And to retrieve things left behind in the rush to escape.

When classes resume next week, Shannon Dietz will be back, even though her mother, Kim, also a student, was killed in the shooting.

Kim Saltmarsh Dietz via Facebook

"I won't think of it as the place where there was this shooting," Shannon said through tears. "I'll think of it as the place where my friends are."

As Roseburg tries to recover, many here want a future where the victims are remembered but the gunman is forgotten. His name, never spoken.

Shannon Dietz, daughter of Kim Dietz who was killed in the shooting. CBS News

Lacey Scroggins is one of the survivors of the shooting. Her father is Pastor Randy Scroggins.

"She said to me, dad you don't understand, I can't rest -- the moment I shut my eyes, the moment it gets quiet, I hear the bodies dropping to the floor and the gunshots going off," the pastor said.

Treven Anspach who was shot and killed fell across Lacey. Quite likely, saving her life. Her father raced to the campus to pick her up after the shooting.

Survivors try to make sense of the Oregon college shooting

And when they were reunited, he didn't just put her in the car.

"No we hugged. It was an amazing thing man," the pastor said. "She got out of the car and she had blood all over. It was all over her arm, and all over her side, and her pants, her other hand. I remember wrapping my arms around her and we just squeezed. Man, she squeezed me and I squeezed her. It was the best hug I ever had in my life."

After the campus reopens for classes the building where the shooting took place will stay closed, at least for awhile.

On Monday evening, a White House official confirmed to CBS News' Adam Aigner-Treworgy that the president will travel to Roseburg, Oregon, to visit privately with families of victims of the shooting. Further details about the president's travel to Oregon will be made available in the coming days.

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