"Survivor: Philippines": Tribal Council leaves Jeff Probst speechless

Jonathan, Lisa and Abi try fishing on "Survivor: Philippines."

The most entertaining tribal council ever?

That's what host Jeff Probst pronounced during the Dangrayne gathering at the end of Wednesday's episode of "Survivor: Philippines."

He may just be right. I can recall several that challenge it for the title, but perhaps none that beats it.

And, of course, Abi's revelation that she has an idol joins the list of top bone-headed moves from more than two dozen seasons of the game.

It started when Malcolm accused Lisa of throwing him under the bus and, deciding that it's no longer a secret, pulls out his idol and announces he will use it. When Probst asks whether anyone else has an idol - an obviously rhetorical question - Abi takes one out of her bag and says she intends to use it. There was more eye rolling, smirks and exchanged glances than I can remember at any other Tribal Council.

Probst is speechless, but it gets better.

At Penner's instigation, the tribe is talking strategy with two competing plans. I can't recall another episode in which discussion of the vote is carried out so openly and not wrapped in hints and veiled references to plans.

Baseball player Jeff Kent called it "pretty fun," a comment he probably later came to regret.

Neither Malcolm nor Abi played an idol in the end, and the vote is: one for Abi, four for Pete and five for the blindsided Jeff Kent.

He is not the only one scratching his head as his torch is snuffed. Malcolm seems totally at sea and several others look confused. But Kent was also angry. His closing remarks: "I'm a Game 7 World Series loser. You know, I played in the biggest games in the world and the worst games in the world -- but this just sucks."

What did you think of this tribal council?. Was is the most entertaining ever or the most confusing? Take our poll, discuss this episode in the comments below and return here next week for more commentary.