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Survivor: Cook Islands

The boys on Raro are getting a pack mentality, sticking with each other and laying around camp while the ladies work on the shelter.

Reward challenge is for pillows and blankets and a chance to send someone to exile. Two members from each team must negotiate an obstacle course with help from their team members, then one member must swim out to get a decoder to decode a message that says "last castaways back cast one away". Becky and Candice are a team and Jenny and Cristina are a team. Aitu kicked their butt in teamwork which helped them win. They exile Adam.

Aitu is having a good day because when they get back from winning the challenge Ozzy goes off and catches nine fish! No doubt they will be well rested and well fed for immunity.

Meanwhile on the other tribe … JP seems to be rubbing everyone the wrong way, bossing people around and acting like the king. Parvarti uses her flirting way to infiltrate the boys' alliance by swooning Nate. He goes ahead and tells her about JP's controlling ways and about the boys' alliance. Wow, maybe Parvarti is bringing success strategically flirting back in a big way. Go girl!

Cao boi is up to his rowdy ways and climbs a tree to mess with a bird for some dumb reason and knocks a baby bird out of the tree! What is wrong with this guy? Now this poor baby bird is going to die because a human has touched it. Don't these survivors have other things to do then mess with Mother Nature? Shame on Cao boi.

Immunity challenge time. Four tribe members must assemble a stretcher puzzle, then they must race through the jungle with it, then swim out to get a tribe member in the water, bring them back, put them on the stretcher and bring them back to start a fire. Phew! That's a lot of work. It's literally neck and neck because Ozzy catches up with JP by running through most of the water. Cao boi successfully starts up the fire first for his team by using an unusual method of swinging around the light pieces. All the teamwork paid off again, and Aitu makes a sweep on both challenges. I am happy for them, after all the talk by JP on the other team about how much stronger the men where karma served them 2 loses.

Stephannie comes out and says she is the weakest link. To be honest, I am so sick of people on Survivor telling people it's OK to vote them out. Whatever happened to the drive and intensity to play and nothing was taking them out? No injury. Cecelia said last week she was OK with getting voted out, and now this. Please stop casting people that don't care if they get voted out or not. It's annoying.

Luckily the girls aren't having it and want to stick together to vote out JP. The only girl who's left out at first is Parvarti. It doesn't seem the girls trust her too much, which isn't good. She may be a good flirt with the guys, but you always need the girls on your side. The vital mistakes the girls had with this plan was telling too many people outside them about it. They brought it up to Parvarti and Brad, who are on the fence and they don't know they can trust them. That may have been their fatal error.

Tribal council was really lackluster; nothing interesting there. JP does state this will be his hardest vote yet. Just wait! There will be more. But going home is, wait for it ... JP! Shocker! Wow, that was awesome. As much as Stephannie deserved it, as shocker, TC is always great. That tribe just lost a major powerhouse.

Good luck and I will see JP on Survivor Live today at 2 pm.

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