Survey: Netflix sharing is a big relationship step

Paul Sakuma/AP

Last Updated Feb 10, 2016 4:42 PM EST

We all know about "Netflix and chill," but how about "Netflix official?"

It's a real thing. According to a recent Netflix survey, 51 percent of people said they felt that sharing an account with their partners felt like a very big step toward a "serious" relationship. The bulk of respondents also said they would wait until the relationship was exclusive before sharing an account.

Respondents also said that the streaming service helps them build their relationships. More than half of Netflix members said they bond with their partner over Netflix (58 percent), while 60 percent of members said it's more fun to watch shows with their significant others. Thirty percent said they enjoy learning new things about each other by watching shows together.

As far as who gets to choose what to watch? Sixty-five percent of respondents said they negotiate on picking shows, and 35 percent said they trade shows and will watch their partner's show in exchange for watching a show they want to watch.

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