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Supreme Court removes travel ban arguments from October calendar

Travel ban

The Supreme Court has removed the travel ban case from its October calendar, as it considers whether the case is now moot, CBS News Chief Legal Correspondent Jan Crawford reports. Once it has reviewed the supplemental briefing, it could reschedule arguments or simply dismiss the original case.
Briefs from both sides are due on Oct. 5.

On Sunday, as the existing travel ban was set to expire, President Trump signed a presidential proclamation with new restrictions on travel that will apply to eight countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. These have all been deemed to have "inadequate" identity-management protocols, information-sharing practices, and risk factors. The U.S. is implementing travel limitations and restrictions unique to the foreign nationals of each country. 

DHS found Iraq also did not to meet its baseline but concluded that entry restrictions and limitations under a the proclamation are not warranted.