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Superman Modernized in DC Comics' "Earth One"

A side-by-side comparison between the classic depiction of Superman and the modernized version hitting stands Oct. 27, 2010 DC Comics/CBS

Superman may be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and a new depiction of the Man of Steel shows he now occasionally bounds into American Apparel shops when he's not wearing those blue tights.

In a new book hitting stands this week, DC Comics' classic superhero wears all the markings of the hipsters who frequent the trendy store: hooded sweatshirts, low-cut pants and skinny ties, according to a report Monday in the New York Post.

The retake on the classic comic portrays Superman as more of a conflicted twentysomething than the honorable knight in shining armor who saves the world on a regular basis.

"Superman: Earth One" (see cover art below) gives the story of the Krypton orphan who lands in a Smallville, USA, cornfield a more modern take 72 years after the faster-than-a-speeding-bullet superhero first hit comic stands. Artist Shane Davis also portrays the remake of Clark Kent's alter ego as shorter and less muscular than in years past, the Post reports.

The standalone, 136-page graphic novel is the first of the comic line's "Earth One" series. Future books will place other classic characters in the modern world. "Superman: Earth One" hits stands Oct. 27 at a price of $19.99.

DC Comics' new version of the classic superhero Superman to hit comic stands Oct. 27, 2010 DC Comics
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