Super PAC supporting Trump launches six-figure ad buy

In this file photo, U.S. President Donald Trump holds a rally at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. March 20, 2017.

Jonathan Ernst

A super PAC supporting President Trump announced a six-figure advertising buy on Thursday, debuting an ad that accused the president's critics of "waging an all-out war to protect their interests."

"The establishment is shaken, angry, losing control," the narrator of the ad says as pictures of various politicians and media figures appear onscreen. (Sen. Charles Schumer, former FBI Director James Comey, and actresses Meryl Streep and Kathy Griffin are featured, among others.)

Shaken by America First Policies on YouTube

"They lie. They leak. They leech onto power. The establishment will stop at nothing to take down our president," the narrator continues. "President Trump is fighting back, winning for us, not himself, draining the swamp. We will fight. We will win. We will make America great again."

America First, the super PAC behind the ad, said the spot will run on national cable and online. In a press release, Brian Walsh, the group's president, nodded to the victory of Republican Karen Handel in a special election Tuesday in a deep-red Georgia district.

"We are also proud to share with you our latest ad, 'Shaken,' which is no doubt how the liberal elite - from Hollywood to Washington - are feeling right now in the wake of another devastating defeat," he said.