Companies are betting big on Super Bowl ads, including the death of Mr. Peanut

Just 30 seconds of commercial time during this year's Super Bowl LIV could cost up to $5.6 million. Rather than being deterred by the cost, companies like Planters and Microsoft are to join the ranks of classic Super Bowl ads, such as Apple's "1984" commercial.

Planters has been working on a plan to shock the world with the death of Mr. Peanut, but the marketing was put on hold after Kobe Bryant's tragic death in a helicopter crash along with eight others on Sunday.

"They paused all the marketing," said Ad Age senior editor Jeanine Poggi. "They still have plans to run Mr. Peanut's funeral as a commercial during the Super Bowl. Of course that could change, but currently that's their plan."

In the commercial, Mr. Peanut is seen dying in a car crash with a large explosion. Though Poggi said she did not catch the unfortunate connection at first, she conceded "it's a tough call for brands."

"When something like this happens, no one plans for any of this. It's a last-minute sort of reaction to see how people are reacting to the spot," Poggi said.

She also explained why Microsoft's commercial is generating buzz for featuring Katie Sowers, the first female and openly gay coach in Super Bowl history.

"Microsoft is one of several advertisers who are really putting women front and center in their Super Bowl commercials," she said. "Certainly Super Bowl commercials were not friendly to women or minorities, historically." 

Poggi pointed to Olay, as well, whose Super Bowl ad will feature an all-female cast.

The NFL itself is looking to be a part of the historic shift. The league will be airing a spot from its Inspire Change initiative, specifically focusing on police-involved shootings of African American men.

"This is not a new spot, it actually aired a few weeks ago in championship games, but to allow it in the Super Bowl is a big deal," Poggi told "CBS This Morning." She said the NFL has been more inclined to do social justice campaigns after the controversy involving Colin Kaepernick.

Other companies running ads this year include Cheetos, with a spot starring Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot, and Little Caesar's, whose commercial stars Rainn Wilson.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct the star of the Little Caesar's ad.