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"Sunday Morning" primetime special: "Forever Young: Searching for the Fountain of Youth" (November 28)

Searching for the fountain of youth
Searching for the fountain of youth 05:51

"Sunday Morning" anchor Jane Pauley hosts "Forever Young: Searching for the Fountain of Youth," a one-hour primetime special exploring the wonders, rewards, and challenges of growing older, to air on CBS Sunday, November 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and to stream on Paramount+. 

Searching for a fountain of youth
Life expectancy has increased in recent decades, but researchers are looking for ways to further slow the aging process. Correspondent Lee Cowan looks into recent developments in the study of extending human life, and efforts to ward off disease by targeting the biology of aging itself.

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This scene at an Italian café may not seem remarkable, until you know their ages; they're each 100 years old.  CBS News

Living to 100: One island's remarkable record of centenarians
Tucked in the mountains of the Italian island of Sardinia is the village of Villagrande, which has one of the highest concentrations of centenarians in the world. Seth Doane talks with researchers studying this unusual bastion of longevity, and with residents to uncover their secrets to a long life.

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Actress Candice Bergen. CBS News

Candice Bergen: One of a kind
Born to Hollywood royalty, the actress and model Candice Bergen found her greatest talent in comedy, as the Oscar-nominated star of "Starting Over" and a five-time Emmy-winner for "Murphy Brown." Candice Bergen talked with "Sunday Morning" anchor Jane Pauley about finding new wellsprings of confidence at age 75, as well as the privilege of being a doting grandmother.


Avatars that tell your story after you're gone
Companies are creating bots, holograms and video renditions that will enable you to "talk" to succeeding generations. Correspondent David Pogue looks into how technology is giving some people virtual immortality.

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Naked mole-rats can live 40 years, more than 10 times longer than a normal rat.  CBS News

What animals might teach us about living longer
From naked mole-rats and elephants to tortoises and macaws, many animals have traits that help them avoid the damage that aging, or cancer, causes in humans. Correspondent Martha Teichner visits the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama to observe some of Nature's most resilient creatures.

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Cryonics: Putting your future plans on ice
In an Arizona laboratory, the bodies of nearly 200 people, who are legally dead, are being stored in liquid nitrogen, to be kept frozen until scientists in the future can possibly revive them. Correspondent Luke Burbank visits the Alcor Corporation, where some very patient patients are being held for an uncertain future, and talks with a neuroethicist about the lethal and moral propriety of cryonics.

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Solving the puzzle of female longevity
In nearly every country in the world, women outlive men. Correspondent Nancy Giles talks with researchers trying to understand why there is a longevity gap, answers to which could ultimately help us all.

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Comedian Billy Crystal.  CBS News

At 73, Billy Crystal is just warming up
Seems that comedian Billy Crystal has always enjoyed playing old, like in 1987's "The Princess Bride." Actually getting old? Not so much. But it will be less of a stretch for the now-73-year-old to play an aging comic in the upcoming Broadway musical, "Mr. Saturday Night." Correspondent Tracy Smith finds out how Crystal stays so youthful.

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The pursuit of wisdom
Does older really mean wiser? Wisdom may be gained with age but, researchers say, you have to go after it. Correspondent Susan Spencer looks at what accounts for the accumulation of wisdom, which can represent a freedom and creativity unknown to our younger selves.

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Jim Gaffigan on the perils of aging gracefully
The comedian discusses his less-than-graceful attainment of years, and its effects on his knees.

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