Substitute teacher took Taser into St. Louis school, report says

Taser X26 stun gunand police tape
A substitute teacher in a suburban St. Louis elementary school was dismissed after allegedly bringing a Taser, like the one above, into a fifth-grade class, where she "tested" the weapon.

(CBS) ST. LOUIS - A substitute teacher at Kehrs Mill Elementary School in suburban St. Louis was removed from the classroom Wednesday after allegedly bringing a high-voltage Taser to the school, where she "tested" it in a fifth-grade class, CBS St. Louis reports.

(We did not make this up)

Principal Dr. Christina Garland advised parents of the incident in a letter Thursday. Specifics of the investigation were not revealed but the letter informed parents that any weapon at school is considered serious and cannot be tolerated.

Garland wrote that the substitute teacher "tested" the Taser in the classroom but away from students. Garland did not explain how the weapon was tested.

Police said no criminal charges will be filed.