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"Style" The Isaac Mizrahi Way

Isaac Mizrahi isn't a man who follows the trends, he sets them. He has been designing clothes for over 20 years with great success. He put together his own documentary, "Unzipped," which won him a Council of Fashion Designers of America award, making it a total of four awards to his name.

He started a line of low cost clothing and furnishings for Target, which changed the way women shop. And back in January he was named the Creative Director of Liz Claiborne enterprises. Lately though he has been working on writing and releasing his latest book called, appropriately, "How to Have Style."

In it, he walks women through how they can incorporate their personalities and body types into their wardrobes. For instance, for one woman who loves wearing denim, Isaac shows her how to dress it up and make it work in other aspects of her wardrobe. For another, a woman who must travel a lot for work, Isaac shows her how to do it with style. Another woman, who is insecure about her petite figure is walked through lessons on how to create style and so forth.

One of the things that Isaac talks about in his book is ways to find and identify your own style. He compiles a questionnaire for each reader to answer such as "What colors do you wear most frequently" and "Who is your style inspiration." Based on the answers to these questions, Isaac says that any woman can find her inner Fashionista and create looks for both days and nights.

He also talks in the book about "must have" items to dress up a drab day. When you are feeling down in the dumps, and wearing a dumpy grey outfit, these additions might help inspire you to give a little more style to your look. Isaac states that if you don't have 'em, get 'em.

Black Eyeliner -- If you are feeling like your face looks down, and you are a bit tired, worry not. With a smoky black look around your eyes, they are guaranteed to pop, no matter what the color. It's easy to push the boredom of your look aside if you are using a little glamour around the eyes.

Red Lipstick -- As Isaac states in his book "nothing makes anyone smile like a smile, and nothing is 'smilier' than red lipstick." Red lipstick brings some needed deep color to your face, and with it, some brightness to your smile.

Brightly Colored Cashmere Sweaters -- If you are feeling drab, there is nothing better than a splash of color in your clothes. Whether a pullover or a cardigan, bright colors and a soft feel can complement any look you want to convey, from a comfy weekend to a sophisticated evening look.

Trench Coat -- Isaac argues that there is nothing better than a trench coat to add a little mystery to your outfit. They are classic and timeless and always in style.

Bandanas and Scarves -- It almost goes without saying that Isaac loves bandanas, and wears them often himself. As he puts it in the book, bandanas are a source of color vitamins. Why not try wearing at least two a day? They can work in your hair, your pockets, around your neck, they are versatile, splashy and fun.

Black Patent Leather Pumps -- Isaac says that every woman should have a pair of black patent leather pumps. They bring a little shine and glamour to every leg, and they work great with pants, skirts and tights. For evening or daywear, they are great to spruce up your feet.

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