Stunning time-lapse video takes you on a tour through Australia

(CBS News) Have you always wanted to road trip through Australia, but secretly fear as soon as you step foot on the continent giant spiders will leap out at you from the trees like facehuggers from the "Alien" franchise? (Fun fact: According to, the country has more species of venomous snakes than any other continent, 21 of which made the top 25 list of the world's deadliest snakes.) How about instead, you watch this absolutely stunning time-lapse video.

The truly beautiful work is titled "A Year Through My Window," which takes you on a journey around the entire country (but from the comfort and safety of your computer). Vimeo user Boilerhum's brilliant use of editing, musical rhythm and visual effects takes what might have simply been a perfectly solid tour of the country, and turns it into a phenomenal piece that borders on, dare I say it, being a master-piece (like what I did there?). Oh, and the song he uses, which I also happen to love, is "toxicucumber" by oil b. Be sure to check them out, too, you won't be disappointed! And if you'd like to see more amazing videos from Boilerhum, be sure to visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.