"I give him just a flat A": Students grade Trump's first 100 days

Young GOPers on Trump
Young GOPers on Trump 02:24

Last Updated Apr 27, 2017 1:46 PM EDT

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- We traveled to Texas A&M University to ask a group of young Republicans to grade President Trump's performance so far as the 100-day mark approaches this week.

"I give him just a flat A," Conor Devlin said.

Jessica Browning agreed, "Yeah, same thing, flat A. I think he's followed through with a lot of his campaign promises."

Young Republicans from Texas A&M share with CBS News' DeMarco Morgan their views on President Trump's first 100 days in office. Pictured from left to right: Conor Devlin, Olivia Krog, David Isenhour, Jessica Browning and Sean Jankowski. CBS News

"He's sort of entering into the presidency and not taking no for an answer and doing what he wants to get done as much as he can," Devlin said. "And he's going to shove that down the opposition's throats."

We then asked the group: "Was there ever a moment in the first 100 days that made you just cringe and say, 'What did he just do?'"

"Because I am a social media user and I think very carefully about how I put things out there," Olivia Krog said, "and then I started to see our president putting things up at all hours of the night … that was a concern."

"When I got nervous was with the whole General Flynn thing," David Isenhour said, "that whole fiasco where I was like 'Oh my gosh, this is another Watergate moment. We haven't even gone through the first year of the presidency.'"

Gen. Michael Flynn was fired as national security adviser over communications with Russian officials. The House Oversight Committee now says he may have broken the law by not disclosing payments by Russian-linked businesses.

We asked the group what they want to see Mr. Trump accomplish.

"We've seen with President Obama there was a lot of trickle-down economics, things just trickling down from Washington, D.C.," Browning said. "We don't want that; we don't want Washington, D.C., telling us everything we want to do."

Sean Jankowski also expressed his thoughts.

Trump's budget priorities 08:09

"I feel like Trump is spending a lot of time on defense and playing damage control and there aren't enough people giving him the benefit of the doubt," he said. "He's going to be president until 2020, so it's going to take some people sitting down and saying, 'OK, we need to work with this man to advance America's best interests because this is what we have right now.'"

Browning added, "It's really important that our government focuses on opening up our economy and allowing students like us to get out there and find a job right out of college."

They all agreed jobs were important.

Throughout the interview the students said the economy was the reason they voted for Mr. Trump. The average student graduating from college has just over $37,000 in loan debt. That's 60 percent more than in 2008.