Student pleads for return of mother's stolen ashes

Car from which ashes of Toledo, Ohio university student's mother were stolen is seen in surveillance video in December 2017


TOLEDO, Ohio -- An Ohio university student is pleading for a suspected thief to return her mother's ashes after her car was broken into.

Callie Futey says she was staying at her boyfriend's home in Toledo when the ashes were stolen from the backseat of her car along with other items Tuesday morning.

"The minute I started walking to my car, I saw that everything was gone in the backseat and I was like. 'Oh my gosh," Futey told CBS Toledo affiliate WTOL-TV. "I just ran inside and started crying. I didn't even know what to think. You stole a human, basically -- not just ashes."

Futey lost her mother in 2006. The 20-year-old University of Toledo student says she had taken a container with the ashes from her father's house with a plan to put them in a special urn for Christmas.

Futey says she doesn't care about the other items stolen. She just wants her mother's ashes.

"Keep the books, keep the clothes if your kids need presents if that's what it is keep it," she remarked to WTOL. "I've been a little bit more fortunate to have those things maybe your kids don't, but the ashes? If you're a decent human being, you'll bring them back, you know -- it's priceless."

The student says she has filed a police report. The theft was also captured on surveillance video.