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Strip Club Bartender Jennifer Paviglianiti Says She was Demoted Because of "Unsexy" Pregnancy

Jennifer Paviglianiti (Credit: Inside Edition) Inside Edition

NEW YORK (CBS) Jennifer Paviglianiti, a bartender at a gentlemen's club, claims her boss demoted because of her "unsexy" pregnancy. She went from bartender to cashier at a the strip club, reports CNN.

Paviglianiti, a 29-year-old from Centereach, New York, filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission earlier this month claiming her employer, Cafe Royale, discriminated against her because of her pregnancy, said the site.

After researching her rights online, she decided to secretly record her boss on tape. In the tape CNN obtained, Paviglianiti's boss John Doxey says people aren't coming in to see sexy pregnant bartenders and that she is getting bigger by the day.

In other recordings, CNN reports that Doxey says that Paviglianiti's appearance is hurting business. "Maybe they don't go there because the bartender is pregnant and doesn't look sexy."

The pregnant bartender claims she is making less money, has reduced hours, and says she needs this specific bartending job because of the ecomony.

Doxey's attorney says she wasn't fired, and her job duties were only changed to accommodate her pregnancy, says the site. Robert F. Milman, Doxey's attorney, said, "Ms. Paviglianiti was not terminated from her employment, she presently is on maternity leave and she has the right to return to work upon the conclusion of her leave."

The pregnant bartender is due to have a baby girl this week, said CNN