Storm-Crossed Lovers?

The Early Show, Dave Price and Jennifer Scherz
CBS/The Early Show
The Early Show's Dave Price had a "Cupid" love connection in the works. He was supposed to be in L.A. Tuesday night for his blind date. But Hurricane Isabel stormed in, ruining those plans.

Culminating a month-long contest that included an online poll, Price asked Jennifer Scherz to accompany him to the finale of the TV show "Cupid" in Los Angeles. Well, Dave had to work, and that's certainly understandable. But The Early Show couldn't let Dave's date go to the "Cupid" finale on her own. So…they enlisted a stand-in date: Grayson McCouch, who plays Dusty Donovan on the CBS daytime drama "As the World Turns."

Lounging in the back of the limo that had been meant for Dave, Grayson told the camera, "I'm taking the place of this big-shot journalist. We're both young Jewish bachelors." He toasted Dave as he raised a drink to his lips: "Cheers, Davey!"

Jen and Grayson went to the "Cupid" finale together, then to dinner. Grayson's verdict: "She's a stand-up girl and a good complete woman and perhaps for a profile like David, she's the cat's meow."

As for Jen, she had the following message for Dave: "You have some serious making up to do. Grayson showed me a good time!"

Settled on the couch in the New York studio with Early Show co-anchors Rene Syler, Hannah Storm and Harry Smith, Dave mocked Grayson: "Soap boy!" And Jen was on hand, live in L.A., to talk more about her date with Grayson.

Dave groused, "All of a sudden, they tell me they're going to find someone because, unfortunately, I had to back out at the last minute and, all of a sudden, they come up with a Johnny Hunk from TV, and he moves in on my woman."

Did Jen have a good time?

"I had a great time," said Jen. "Grayson was a very, very nice date. He was a gentleman. He treated me very nicely. He was great."

Dave's response: "How much money did he spend? Because, you know what? You know what? Because I went to the bank and withdrew $10,000 to spend on our date!"

"Of whose money?" Hannah wanted to know.

Dave's colleagues also pointed out that Grayson kissed Jen as soon as they met. Dave's riposte: "He's a soap star. That's what they do! It's all fake… I'm talking about real affection and emotion that comes through the screen, you know?"

Then, turning his attention to Jen, Dave concluded, "Jen, we're going to have a good time. I don't know what we're going to do. Hopefully, we'll jet off somewhere and have a spectacular evening under the stars and make a video. I mean, for television."

Harry got in a final dig: "Why do I see a celebrity death match between you and the soap guy?"