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Stop-motion video shows art made from 15,000 push pins

(CBS) - We shift now from music to art with this rather incredible stop-motion video showing the creation of a piece using - wait for it - push pins!

The surprisingly impressive work was posted by YouTube user brusspup who writes:

Believe it or not, this was my biggest effort on any videos I've done. It took the most time, the most patience, the most research and the most money to create. Surprisingly one of the hardest things was to find bulk colored push pins. I ended up having to order about 40,000 push pins in "variety packs" in order to get all of the colors I needed. There are approximately 15,000 push pins in the portrait. I worked on it a little each day for about a month. The final portrait weighs about 40 pounds, which includes the cork board. I built a wooden frame to support it. I was afraid that when I lifted it, it would break under it own weight. So the frame worked out perfectly. In the video it looks like there is a problem with the forehead, but it's just the light reflecting.

Props go out to brusspup for an incredible piece and showing us all the process by which it came to be! To check out more work by the artist, you can go to his YouTube page by clicking here.
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