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Stones Still Seek To Go "A Little Further"

This story first aired April 1, 2008.

They've been rocking for five decades, and the Rolling Stones keep on rolling, showing no signs of slowing down.

With a Martin Scorsese documentary on them hitting the silver screen this week, members of what many consider the greatest rock band ever took time out to chat with Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith about their long -- and continuing -- journey.

"Shine a Light" debuts this week.

Scorsese brought in 18 cinematographers, all shooting at once, to capture the Stones in concert at the New York's Beacon Theater.

How is it, Smith asked Mick Jagger, that they can still do what they do?

"I don't know," Jagger laughed. "That's what I do, and that's what I like doing."

To see photos from the premiere of "Shine a Light," click here.

"It amazes me just as much as it amazes you" that the Stones continue to soar, Keith Richards told Smith.

"What you're trying to do," Richards continues, "is push the band a little further than it's ever been before. And it's sheer joy."

Says Jagger: "Lucian Freud still paints wonderful pictures and he's in his mid-80's, so it depends on the individual how far you can take this creativity on."

Guitarist Ron Wood jokingly called himself "the new guy" and "brillaint" -- referring to himself in saying, "He's only been with them 35 years!"

When Smith told drummer Charlie Watts he's the "best preserved," Watts replied with a smile, "Thank you. That's because you're of a certain age, like me!"

The blues are very important to the Stones, and the film shows them jamming with Buddy Guy.

It is, says Jagger, "a very good moment in the film. ... Everybody does play their best and is very intense in trying to sort of slightly outdo each other. ... I loved that."

Sums up Smith: "Jagger, Richards, Watts and Wood -- the sum is still greater than the individual parts."

New Stones fans will enjoy Christina Aguilera and Jack White jamming with the Stones in "Shine a Light," and archival footage from the '60s underlines just how long Mick and the boys have been rockin'.

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