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Stevens: Juror¿s Lies Prove It Was An 'unjust Trial'

Apparently Sen. Ted Stevens has not lost his sense of humor.

Just hours before polls open in the toughest race if his career, Stevens has just released a statement in reaction to the news that a juror in his case lied about her father’s death to attend a horse race.

“Apparently, the concept of a ‘horse race’ in the final hours of this Senate campaign has taken on a new and ludicrous meaning,” Stevens said. “We now know that this juror lied to the Court. This is another sad chapter in a trial that has been plagued by unusual occurrences.”

But Stevens did not stop there, laying the groundwork for an appeal of his conviction.

“This is a case in which the prosecutors knowingly gave false evidence to the jury, concealed information from my lawyers, and prodded their star witness to lie on the stand. A witness’ lawyer was accused of signaling to his client during his testimony.

“It is now even clearer this was an unjust trial and a flawed verdict. My defense team will work vigorously in the next few weeks to clear my name. During that time will continue doing the job I love -- fighting for Alaska in the U.S. Senate.”

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