Stephen Nodine Supporter: "No Way" Nodine Killed Angel Downs

Mickey Dearmon (WKRG)

MOBILE, Ala. (CBS/WKRG) Steve Nodine, the former Mobile County Commissioner accused of murdering his alleged mistress Angel Downs, remains in jail Tuesday, and  friends are speaking out in his defense.

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Mickey Dearmon says the man he calls a friend could never hurt anyone, let alone commit murder. Dearmon says Nodine, who was staying with him when he was arrested for Downs' murder, was a dedicated public servant who did a lot for his community.

"There is no way," Dearmon told CBS affiliate WKRG. "This is the same Steve Nodine that built the elderly house...that built the library, you know, for our children."

Dearmon said that he and a few friends were trying to raise the bail necessary to get Nodine out of jail. Dearmon was present at a bail hearing Tuesday morning to reduce the former commissioner's bail, and he even spoke in support of Nodine. Nodine's pastor also spoke in court, and said that all Nodine wanted was to spend more time with his son and that he was not, as the prosecution contends, going to run.

Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Charles Partin agreed to reduce his $500,000 bond on the murder charge, but said he would not decide on how much to reduce it by until after Nodine appears before a federal judge on weapons charges.

Nodine faces federal charges of possessing firearms while addicted to a controlled substance. He also faces unrelated drug charges in Mobile County.

"This is the same Steve Nodine that you could pick up the phone and call and whatever you needed he was there," Dearmon said of his dear friend. "This man is not capable [and] did not murder Miss Downs."

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