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State Fair Visit Is Not Just Another Day On the Campaign Trail

From CBS News' John Bentley

(DES MOINES, IOWA) – John McCain stopped by the Iowa State Fair today to stump for votes in this swing state extol the virtues of the "heartland of America." Frankly, most of the reporters in the traveling press corps were more excited about the wonders of the state fair – deep fried candy bars! Half ton pigs! – than the senator today, so most of us wandered the fairgrounds in search of food that is really, really bad for you.

McCain's first stop was the swine barn, where he stopped to chat with the owner of Freight Train, the biggest pig in the 154-year history of the fair. Tipping the scales at 1,259 pounds, 'Train bested last year's winner by 13 pounds. He could not be bothered to wake up, however, during the senator's visit, perhaps because of McCain's denunciation of pork-barrel politics (that's the last of the pig jokes).

Freight Train:

McCain then went to speak at the soapbox area of the fair. The press went to go find deep fried food. We succeeded when we came across a stand selling deep-fried Snickers bars, which are both tastier and more disgusting than you might imagine.

No one could choke down more than a bite or two because of the richness, but everyone agreed it was delicious. McCain also said he was going to find some fair food.

"As soon as I finish here. we are going to try and have a pork chop on a stick and deep fried Twinkie," he said, but since there are no pictures of this happening, the claims are dubious.

After taking in the butter sculptures, cheese curds, and every conceivable meat product that could possibly be put on a stick, it was back to the campaign plane to fly to Arkansas. Sadly, there is no mention of a state fair visit.

Deep-fried snickers bar:

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