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Starved Horses Rescued in Pa.

Valerie Levesque of CBS3 in Philadelphia reports how four horses are alive and well following an SPCA raid of a home in Philadelphia. Animal rescuers at the Last Chance Ranch say that the horses were saved from a lifetime of malnourishment, disease and filth.

The horses belonged to a woman who was trying to sell them. When prospective buyers saw how malnourished the horses were, they contacted authorities who charged the owner.

"She ended up getting in over her head and couldn't afford to feed them. She was feeding them about a handful of hay twice a day for four horses," said Lori McCutcheon with the Last Chance Ranch, where the horses have been recuperating. "It's not necessary, there's help out there, people who will take care of animals."

"Saddie," the scrawniest of the horses, has a weight loss of 2-300 lbs from what she should be, McCutcheon said.

Here's the story and video.

Local Video from CBS 3 in Philadelphia

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