Start a Corporation Free of Charge

Last Updated Dec 9, 2008 10:37 AM EST

mycorporation.jpgGoodbye, oppressive cubicle! Hello, entrepreneurship! If you're ready to take the plunge on a new business, here's your chance to get started on the cheap: Intuit's MyCorporation, which handles all the heavy lifting in setting up a corporation or LLC, is waiving its $149 fee from now through Friday, December 5 December 31.

All you do is choose your entity (the service helps you determine whether a corporation or LLC is better for your new biz), choose your state (filing fees may apply), and fill out some forms. MyCorporation files all the necessary paperwork in all the necessary places.

Obviously these are steps anyone can do on their own, but why not let the professionals handle them? I started an LLC many moons ago, and found the process extremely confusing. Wish I'd had a service like this at my disposal--especially one that wasn't going to charge me $149.

Have you ever set up a corporation and/or used MyCorporation? If so, hit the Comments and let us know how it went! [via Lifehacker]

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