Space shuttle Enterprise takes to the water

The Space Shuttle Enterprise is loaded onto a barge in a canal near John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Saturday, June 2, 2012. The Enterprise will be towed past landmarks along the Hudson River and docked at Jersey City, N.J. on Sunday, June 3 until Tuesday, June 5, when it returns to New York and is lifted to the flight deck of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, which is docked along Manhattan's West Side.
AP Photo/Intrepid Air & Space Museum

(AP) NEW YORK — The prototype space shuttle that arrived in New York City by air earlier this spring is on the move again, this time by sea.

The Enterprise has been parked at Kennedy Airport since it flew from Washington to New York atop a 747 jet.

The shuttle was placed on a barge Saturday and readied for a slow journey through the harbor to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Manhattan's West Side.

The barge is scheduled to be taken Sunday across New York Harbor to Port Elizabeth, N.J.

Then, on Tuesday, a tugboat is to move the Enterprise to the Intrepid, a decommissioned aircraft carrier.

Plans are in place for a floating crane to lift the spacecraft onto the flight deck.

Space shuttle Enterprise makes NYC flyby