South Fla. developer Adam Kaufman acquitted in wife's 2007 death

Defense attorney Al Milian, from left, defendent Adam Kaufman and defense attorney Bill Matthewman react as a not guilty verdict is read in his murder trial on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, in Miami. Kaufman was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the 2007 death of his wife, Eleonara "Lina" Kaufman.
AP Photo/The Miami Herald, Chuck Fadely
From left: Defense attorney Al Milian, defendant Adam Kaufman and defense attorney Bill Matthewman react as a not guilty verdict is read in Kaufman's murder trial on Tuesday, June 5, 2012
AP Photo/The Miami Herald, Chuck Fadely

(CBS/WFOR/AP) MIAMI - Adam Kaufman, a South Florida real estate executive accused of strangling his wife to death in 2007, has been found not guilty of second degree murder.

A jury acquitted Kaufman on Tuesday after about eight hours of deliberation, reports CBS Miami.

Jury Forman Bernard Jennings reportedly said the jury did not think the state proved its murder case beyond a reasonable doubt.

"There was a plethora of circumstances that led to reasonable doubt. There wasn't one circumstance that led to reasonable doubt," Jennings said, according to CBS Miami.

The station reports that Kaufman called 911 in November 2007, saying he found his wife collapsed on the bathroom floor of their Aventura home. 

Eleonora Kaufman, 33, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

During the trial, prosecutors said Kaufman has strangled his wife, leaving pronounced markings on her neck, burst blood vessels in her eyes and bruises on her body. No evidence for a motive was presented.

Defense attorneys argued evidence was overlooked by the homicide detective and medical examiner. They said Kaufman's wife died of an undiagnosed heart disease and a fall onto a magazine rack.

According to the Miami Herald, Jennings said he firmly believed the defense theory .

After the verdict, Kaufman's family members cried and fell into each others' arms in relief, reports CBS Miami. Adam Kaufman and his twin brother posed for a picture with the verdict form.

"We all knew this day would come," said Kaufman, "It was just a question of when - and today's the day."

Kaufman said that Eleonora is never far from his heart, CBS Miami reports. He said, "There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her, and she's here she was watching over this and she can finally rest in peace."