Son suspected in slaying of mother, sister at Nev. home

Darius Sorrells, 30, is a suspect in the killings of his mother and sister, who were found dead and dismembered at their shared North Las Vegas, Nev. home.
CBS affiliate KLAS

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - A 30-year-old man is facing two counts of open murder in the killings of a mother and her adult daughter at their shared North Las Vegas home, reports CBS affiliate KLAS. The suspect is reportedly the son and brother of the respective victims.

Darius Davon Sorrells was already jailed for DUI when authorities found the dead and dismembered bodies of the murdered women early Monday morning, according to the station. Police were brought to the scene by calls from friends and family claiming the women had not been heard from for a week.

"Officers did make entry into the home. They found what they believed to be, possibly, a body, and then they found additional evidence that indicated a homicide occurred there, possibly a pretty gruesome homicide," said North Las Vegas Police Sgt. Chrissie Coon. "We do not believe this was a random act of violence, and it is possible this was domestic in nature."

Though North Las Vegas police have not formally identified the victims, county records list the home's owner as 33-year-old Natasha Sorrells, and a neighbor told KLAS that she lived with her 53-year-old mother in the house.

KLAS reports that officers, responding to concerned calls, checked at the house throughout the weekend but never received an answer. Police received additional information Monday, according to the station, that prompted them to enter the house through the back door.

Darius Sorrells had been arrested early Saturday morning for reckless driving and DUI after authorities received several calls that he was driving in the wrong lane, according to police. He was eventually taken into custody after crashing into a light pole. KLAS reported Tuesday that he was a suspect in the murders.

North Las Vegas police have not released when the slayings took place or how the victims were murdered. KLAS reports that one of the bodies was partially dismembered, making it difficult to identify the murder weapon.

Police also said that the suspect was in the house for several days after the crime was committed, according to the station. Detectives said he may have attempted to destroy evidence.