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Some random fun to help make your day better (with treadmill dancing and baby water skiing)

(CBS News) While we've focused on items that are truly uplifting and inspiring on The Feed today, sometimes we all just need a bit of random fun that doesn't involve deeper introspection. You know, a chance to let go for a moment and just sing or dance like nobody's watching. Speaking of dancing (though, with somebody definitely watching), you should click play on the video above to see some of it done in a very unconventional way. Spoiler: there might be a treadmill involved...

The wild moment captured on camera was posted by YouTube user David Wilson who writes:

I see this guy dancing almost every day on the treadmill. Had to share. Enjoy!

Oh, we definitely enjoyed and appreciate your sharing it with us and the world, David! Up next, if you've ever gone water skiing, you're probably aware of the steep learning curve that comes with the initial attempts. Which is part of what makes this video so astounding. Watch as a 7.5-month-old toddler named Ryder ("allegedly", as this is the Internet, and fake videos have a tendency to surface) shows off his astounding natural ability at the sport in this video below from YouTube user tamara blair captured on a GoPro camera at Lake Dyer in Queensland, Australia. (Editor's note: While impressive and everything works out, no one should try to emulate this one.)