Somalia rescue raid prompts fears of reprisal

Jessica Buchanan
AP Photo

Former U.S. hostage Jessica Buchanan is recovering in Sicily Friday morning after being rescued from kidnapers in Somalia by U.S. Navy SEALs.

Buchanan's family is meeting her at a U.S. military base in Italy, where she is getting medical screenings and other evaluations before she returns home.

There is a lot of debate, meanwhile, over the possibility that Somali pirates or criminal groups might seek revenge for the successful raid.

There is another American currently being held in Somalia, a journalist, and a spokesman for the pirates claims they moved him three times immediately following the raid that rescued Buchanan and her Danish colleague Poul Thisted.

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In total, there are almost 160 foreigners being held by Somali pirates at the moment, and it's a real concern that there could be violent retaliation against them if there is another raid to rescue hostages.

Buchanan's health is believed to have prompted the U.S. government to launch the risky nighttime rescue raid when it did, but the exact nature of her reported health problems remain a mystery.

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