Soccer academy La Masia: A model for the U.S.?

Could Barcelona's famed soccer academy, La Masia, be a model for America to nurture future superstars, as Spain did with Lionel Messi?

It's hard to imagine any American kids playing at the level that you'll see in this week's Overtime feature on La Masia, the youth academy that feeds pro players to what's arguably the best soccer team in the world, FC Barcelona.

But until recently, the U.S. had nothing like La Masia to nurture its most talented young soccer players. Major League Soccer (MLS) has recently launched 19 of its own soccer academies, two of them residential academies, in cities across North America -- and they're modeled on European soccer academies like La Masia.

To learn more about the La Masia system and hear from the 60 Minutes team who reported on "Barca," watch the video above and tell us what you think. Could a youth training system like La Masia work for America?