So You Want To Be President!

Andy Rooney Wonders Why Anyone Would Want To Be President

The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney.

I don't know how you feel about it but I think this is the earliest that we all got tired of the next election. There's a lot of talk about it these days and I got wondering why in the world anyone would want to be president of the United States anyway.

I mean, it's a great honor but the money isn't any better than being president of a big company and being president of the United States is a lot harder. The president makes $400,000 a year which isn't pocket change and of course he does get a place to live in rent free.

But who wants to live in a house where people stare at you all day through an iron fence?

I can't imagine what it's like living in The White House. Do the president and Mrs. Bush ever get to just sit down and eat alone at the kitchen table? The president must feel like having a quick hamburger once in a while, with ketchup I bet. Can he do that?

There's definitely a downside to being president and Barack Obama and John McCain ought to keep that in mind so they won't feel bad if they lose.

I wonder what they do about the furniture in The White House when a new president moves in. Would Barack be sleeping in the same bed President Bush sleeps in now? I'm sure they'd change the sheets, but they probably just throw out everything, sheets, blankets, mattress - even the bed.

They could get big money for a bed any president slept in, although I don't think a "George Bush Slept Here" bed would bring anywhere near the price that a "George Washington Slept Here" bed would bring. More like what they'd get for maybe a "Calvin Coolidge Slept Here" bed.

I've seen pictures and there are a lot of closets in The White House. If Hillary should get to be president she'd be moving back into a place that she's familiar with from the days when she was there with Bill. I wonder if she left any of her old clothes in the closets and how much closet space she'd give Bill if she was president and he was just her husband. Women take up more space than men, even when they aren't president.

I wouldn't mind deciding who to appoint to the Supreme Court if I was president but I'd hate to decide who got the big closet.
Written By Andy Rooney