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So Long, Lillian

You would think that being a veteran scout master would be an asset for a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands. Unfortunately, for Cincinnati Boy Scout leader Lillian Morris, her skills didn't convince her fellow tribemates that she was valuable enough to keep around.

Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith asked her what it was like when she was voted off.

"It was heartbreaking," said Lillian. "You expect to go to the end, to win that million dollars. But I'm realistic. I'm glad I wasn't the first."

She had a friend in Ryan Shoulders, who was voted off the week before her. "Ryan is my bud," Lillian said. "I don't know if it was because he was so close to the ages of so many of my boys and, you know, the size of so many of my kids… Once he was gone, I just felt very lonely and very out of place."

She noted that, at 51, she was the oldest person in her tribe.

"I believe maybe it's because I'm not as cute as Darrah. She's a lovely girl, she really is nice… Every one of those young people treated me very kindly and with respect. I don't believe any of them said anything really mean to me or about me, which is wonderful. And I'm thrilled."

As for the tribe choosing to keep Darrah instead of her, Lillian said, "We got these beefy, bulky young men, like the young girls and that's fine. I mean, who would you rather cuddle up to? Me or Darrah? Don't answer that!"

Harry's response: "You know how to make a fire! I might stick with you!"

Lillian: "That's one way I can keep you warm!"

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