SnoBall Relief In The Big Easy

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square in the French Quarter, New Orleans, 7-27-01
The latest CBS News Sunday Morning Roadside segment made a stop in New Orleans, home of jazz, Mardi Gras and Snoballs.

Unlike Sno-cones, SnoBalls are made from block ice shaved into snow by a SnoWizard, a machine invented in the 1930s by George Ortolano.

Ronnie Scortino runs the SnoWizard business now. After his uncle's invention, you might say demand for the icy treat snowballed. In New Orleans's neighborhoods, SnoBall stands now number in the hundreds.

Some say watching SnoBalls take shape is almost as much fun as eating them. With more than one hundred flamboyant flavors, customers can mix and match the cold treat in flavors such as wild cherry, pina colada, black cherry, and coconut — just to name a few.

"The flavor is poured on top of it," Scortino explained. "It's absorbed into it and it just melts in your mouth."

It's the perfect thing to eat on a hot summer afternoon. Patrons would agree that the SnoBall is cool, fruity and delicious, which is a sure way to beat the heat in New Orleans.