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Skinny With Lots of Muscle-UltraLight Notebooks

Our hands on experience with a Sony Vaio 505 SuperSlim Notebook found the beauty to be more than skin deep. Even though it is less than an inch thick and under three pounds, the keyboard and display were all you could ask for. And the magnesium alloy case makes it sturdier than many larger notebooks.

Now Sharp is introducing the Actius100 UltraLite Notebook. Where do they get these names? Sharp's David Mills....

"One of the units that ships with the devices is this floppy drive. And actually the interesting thing about this floppy is it doubles as a floppy disk drive and a port replicator. It has a parallel, a serial and a PS2 mouse port."

Which you can leave connected to devices back at the office. The external CD ROM drive is sold separately. Same with the Sony. Want to travel even lighter? Sharp's latest Windows CE handheld PC, the Mobilon HC 4600, comes with a built in voice recorder, a 33.6 modem and an optional digital camera card...

"Slides into the side of the unit. You use the view screen as your view finder. You can take your pictures and store them and house them all on the unit itself."

And it all slips into a jacket pocket.

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