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Six-Year-Old Sent to Principal's Office Gets Mouth Taped Shut

Story Contributed by CBS Affiliate CBS 4 Denver

DENVER (CBS4) Denver school administrators say the district plans to fire a staffer accused of duct taping a student's mouth and wrists.

Jennifer Carter, 45, was arrested on Monday on charges of misdemeanor child abuse and false imprisonment.

Palmer Elementary first grader, Joshua, was allegedly duct taped by Carter on Wednesday after being sent to the principal's office.

Joshua,6, told CBS Affiliate CBS4 he was sent to the principal's office on Wednesday when a substitute teacher said he was disrupting his first grade class.

"The secretary taped my mouth shut and taped my wrists together," he said, referring to the principal's secretary.

The principal, Elizabeth Trujillo, sent a letter home with all students on Thursday. It stated the Denver Public Schools and Denver police would "... investigate any allegation of misconduct" and that "... be assured the safety of students is a top priority."

(CBS4/Denver Police Department)
Photo: Jennifer Carter.

Ashlye Tenner, Joshua's mom, said the principal is acting as a witness.

"She said she came back from lunch duty, saw the tape on his face and told the secretary to take it off and not to do it again. And she said she apologized to my son," said Tenner.

Late Monday evening, Denver Public Schools released this statement:

"Based on the evidence confirmed at this stage, the district is taking action to immediately terminate the employee. This is a deeply troubling incident, and this type of conduct is completely reprehensible and inexcusable."

Joshua has not been back in school, and his mom plans to enroll him in a new school.

A jail official said a bond amount for Carter had not been set, according to the Associated Press.

Story Contributed by CBS Affiliate CBS 4 Denver