Simplify Your Start Menu's Organization

The Windows Start menu is kind of like the junk drawer in your kitchen -- organized for about the first week you have it, and then it gets increasingly disarrayed for the life of your home. Sure, you can organize the Start menu on your own, but you rarely do; it's just too much work. Here's another alternative: Try a free program that automatically organizes it for you.

Handy Start Menu automatically sorts your software into 10 categories like Office, Utilities, Internet, Security, and Music and Video. Here's the cool part: Instead of forcing you to organize your apps into those categories, it smartly does this for you. Anything programs that it isn't sure about gets put in an uncategorized section, and you can manually direct them to where you'd like them to go.

This program addresses the key shortcoming of most Start menu organizers -- it does all the heavy lifting for you, instead of just making you organize the programs yourself with a slightly more elegant user interface.

On the downside, Handy Start Menu doesn't let you create new categories or rename the existing ones, so if you don't like the program's built-in categories, you're out of luck. And if you use Windows 7, all this might be moot anyway, since the built-in search box has largely eliminated the need to browse for programs in the Start menu anymore. But if you don't use the search box for some strange reason or you still use Windows XP, Handy Start Menu is a powerful way to take control of the Start menu. [via gHacks]