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"Show Your Love" transcends language with heart on Valentine's Day

(CBS) - So last month we shared with you all a beautiful video showing some amazing travels around the world in just under five minutes. The creator of that video has presented us with his latest project that is perfect for Valentine's Day. Check it out.

The YouTube video entitled "Show Your Love: A Valentine's Day Short" was created by Kien Lam who writes:

This is a personal project of mine made for Valentine's Day to celebrate love wherever you are in the world regardless of whether you are 8 or 84. During my travels, I found that while the customs and mediums may have been different, the essence of love was similar no matter the country. I wanted to capture that in this video.

A beautiful sentiment, and we're honored to have Kien Lam make his way back onto The Feed!  To check out more of his work, you can visit his website by clicking here.
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