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Should You Start a Side Business? Yes, Yes You Should

Last Monday's episode of "Men of a Certain Age" (a terrific new show, FYI) really struck a chord. Fortysomething Joe (played by Ray Romano) has been running a party-supply store for most of his professional life. He had the talent to be a professional golfer, but washed out because he couldn't handle the pressure.

After shooting a round with his new friend (and bookie), he starts thinking about what he's been missing. The bookie tells him to get off his rear and go join the senior tour, saying of the party store, "You gonna do that the rest of your life?"

And you can see the dawning realization on Joe's face: Is this really it? Is this how I'm going to spend the rest of my days? (Romano doesn't get enough credit as an actor.)

Like I said, this struck a chord. I'm fortysomething myself, and recently I've been asking the same questions. Is there something else I should be doing? Or at least trying? If not now, when?

I'm not saying you should quit your job and open that emu farm you've always dreamed of. But at the very least, consider starting something on the side. You'll potentially put some extra money in your pocket, develop some new skills, and start building a safety net in case your main gig falls victim to the economy.

Those are among the 5 Reasons You May Want to Start a Side Business, according to Dumb Little Man's Ali Hale. And I agree wholeheartedly: The best (and safest) approach to starting a new career is starting slowly, gradually, on the side. If it doesn't work out, well, no harm done. (Less, anyway.)

What do you think? Have you ever tried a side business? If so, what was it, and how did it go?

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