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Should You Build Your Resume in Google Maps? This Guy Did

Copywriter Ed Hamilton's résumé is attracting a lot of attention, and with good reason: It's insanely clever. Not only is it written in a breezy, conversational style, it's splayed out across Google Maps.

The first pin connects to Hamilton's home address, the second to the university where he got his degree. After that, each one corresponds to a particular job or experience.

It may not be a traditional résumé, but it's definitely 21st century-savvy. And you have to love the guy's brutally honest, frequently amusing "experiences" blurbs. If I was hiring a writer, you can bet he'd be getting an interview.

What do you think? Does Hamilton deserve extra points for creativity, or does he come across as not serious/professional enough for today's business world? Think this kind of résumé would work for you? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments. [via Gizmodo]