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Shot of a new drug could get rid of double chins

PITTSBURGH -- Double chin got you down? Soon you may be able to get a shot for that.

CBS Pittsburgh's Dr. Maria Simbra reports an FDA advisory panel has unanimously recommended approval of an injectable drug for treating double chins. The drug, deoxycholic acid, dissolves fat, and in studies of injections under the chin, MRI scans showed decreased fat over several weeks.

If it wins final FDA approval, the drug could offer a less invasive, lower cost alternative to plastic surgery. The only options currently available for reducing double chins include neck lifts and liposuction, which can cost $800 to $2,500.

"The trend has been finding things that are non-invasive, with little to no risk, little to no down time, that can make an improvement," says plastic surgeon Dr. Leo McCafferty.

He also points out the drug would be easy for many doctors to offer. "It doesn't involve a very expensive piece of equipment, like a laser which might cost $100,000. It involves a syringe, the product and the needle."

The injections are best suited for those with good skin tone. The product will not tighten loose skin, but will shrink a small pouch of fat.

"I think this is just another tool that we'll have, but it isn't going to be a panacea for all double chins," McCafferty emphasized.

While pricing has not yet been worked out, it will likely have a similar cost to Botox.

"If it's a simple injection and it's painless, and it's going to help me feel better about myself, yeah, I'd do it," one man told CBS Pittsburgh.

No matter what the expense, it's all too much for some folks.

"I would just go run outside, and get rid of it, rather than doing anything artificial," said one woman.

"I think it's ridiculous. Just live with what you have," another man said.

The FDA's final decision is expected in May. The FDA usually follows the recommendations of its advisory panels.

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