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Sheep stolen from village named Wool

Fell Sheep stand in a field near Ellonby in Cumbria, England, awaiting their destruction Thursday March 22, 2001. Sheep that are within a three kilometer (1.8 mile) radius of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease are to be culled to prevent further outbreaks. AP

(CBS/AP) LONDON - The first thing you need to know is...we did not make this up.

In southwest England, there is a village named Wool.  In this village named Wool, thieves recently stole 160 sheep.

Police are asking for help in tracking down the stolen Wool-y sheep.

Authorities say the sheep were stolen between Saturday and Monday, and that the thieves would have needed a large vehicle to pull it off.

Constable Adam Taylor says all of the sheep were electronically tagged.

He is urging anyone who has witnessed suspicious activity - or been offered sheep "in unusual circumstances or for very low prices" - to come forward.

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