"Shcool" sign goes uncorrected for months in N.Y.

The misspelled "Shcool x-ing" in New York can be seen from Google Maps satellite view.
Google Maps

We're supposed to learn reading, writing and arithmetic at school, but it seems that some New Yorkers may need to brush up on their spelling. An embarrassing spelling error on a "shcool x-ing" sign near Marta Valle High School in Manhattan has not been fixed for months.

The Low Down NY publicized the error when a reader sent the blog a picture of the white painted letters.

"Really people? The proper spelling is on the building 5-yards away from where the DOT (Department of Transportation) was painting the word!" she wrote.

However, the Department of Transportation has denied any wrongdoing. A spokesman told the New York Post that a utility provider - not the city or any of its workers - had done work and was supposed to repaint the sign correctly. "We are contacting them to correct the error promptly," the DOT spokesman said.

Residents told the New York Post that they were shocked that the school didn't do anything to erase the error -- and they can't believe that administrators or students haven't complained about it before. They claim misspelling has been there since the summer, when people cut into the asphalt to work on underground utility lines.