Shawna Signs Off

The Early Show, Survivor, Shawna Mitchell
CBS/The Early Show
In a soap-opera installment of Survivor: The Amazon, 23-year-old Shawna Mitchell was voted off the island by the Jabaru.

The love triangle brewed between Shawna, Matthew and Alex. Though Shawna obviously only had eyes for Alex, this didn't prevent her from flirting with the rest of the boys.

The first challenge offered a reward for a large basket of fresh fruit but involved a test of balance and wit for the survivors. Each player went head to head with a member of the opposing tribe in a logrolling competition. The first team to five won the basket of fruit and it was Tambaqui who took the prize home.

During the night Shawna claimed the hours would go slowly so it was necessary to come up with their own form of entertainment. Her solution was a dating game where each of men courted her with a different version of their perfect date with her. Between Matthew, Alex and Shawna and tensions seemed to be rising.

For immunity, the teams were set up like piranha feeding on raw meat. They had equal slabs of meat hanging from a tree and were forced to bare their teeth and tear off as much meat as possible with their hands tied behind their back. The Tambaqui won this challenge as well.

At tribal council, the vote came down between Matthew and Shawna, who had offered herself to be voted off. She said that she had had lows in the past few days, but had recently hit a high and was having a glorious time in the Amazon. In the end it was Shawna, much to the dismay of Alex, who was sent packing.